Julio Munhoz

For those of you who do not know me yet, I am a filmmaker with persistent incursions to music and writing work.

In film I enjoy working in a range of areas such as directing, producing, writing, shooting, editing and composing incidental scores for some of my films, even though my directing and producing roles consume most of my time.

Documentaries and animations with focus on social, education, the environment and the arts represent a big part of my interest. I also appreciate producing films for the corporate world.

Music was my first impulse in arts, and still lives strong in me. My work in film has blessed me with the possibility of composing music pieces along my career, and I certainly look forward for new creative  opportunities in this incredible world of sounds and images.

If you are interested in my work in music, please, feel free to browse some of my work here on ‘Music&Sounds’.

To learn more about my work as a film producer, please visit:



Hello and welcome!

New Film Courses

I am happy to announce that our film courses are back - online in real time!

On our first course, “Film Creation: from conceptualization to production plan”, we will study the following subjects: film language, film history and its relation to visual arts, film genres, script development and technical script, notions of photography and lighting in film, visual elements and non-verbal communication, film direction, production planning, and notions of post-production.

On course II we will deepen the concepts studied on course I, following the same online model.

Course III will be our master practical class, when we plan to produce a short film with our students.

For more information, please click on our section “Film Courses” above, or get in contact with us.

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