Julio Munhoz

For those of you who do not know me yet, I am a filmmaker with persistent incursions to music and writing work.

In film I enjoy working in a range of areas such as directing, producing, writing, shooting, editing and composing incidental scores for some of my films, even though my directing and producing roles consume most of my time.

Documentaries and animations with focus on social, education, environment and the arts represent a big part of my interest. I also appreciate producing films for the corporate world.

Music was my first impulse in arts, and still lives strong in me. My work in film has blessed me with the possibility of composing music pieces along my career, and I sincerely hope to keep having opportunities in this incredible world of sounds and images in the future. I also have a solid interest in pop songs.

Feel free to listen to some of my music here.

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Recent Projects

“Portuguese Cultures in Edmonton”

Film portraying the unique cultural identity and history of this important segment of the multicultural fabric in Edmonton, Canada.

“Labour, Time and Space”

Documentary series about professions under the risk of extinction in modern days. Three films are already produced (“The Clockmaker and the Cooper,” “The Luthier and the Mortar Carver,” and “Mountain Waves”).

Current project under development: “Our Farmland”, a one hour documentary film about the risk of extinction of family farmers around the world.

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